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Dealing with visa issues can be a challenging endeavour, particularly when an employer delays visa cancellation. In Dubai, this issue has become a common concern for many expatriates who are leaving their jobs, seeking new opportunities, or leaving the country altogether, where the process of Dubai employment visa process is much more complicated than others. The main reason behind this delay often pertains to administrative obstacles, power dynamics between employers and employees, or complications in the regulatory framework.

Why are employers delaying visa cancellations in Dubai?

Understanding the motives behind employers delaying visa cancellation starts with familiarizing ourselves with the local context in Dubai and the details of how many days employment visa processing in Dubai generally takes.

Regulatory Framework in Dubai

The regulatory structure in Dubai is very much employer-centric, providing employers with considerable power over their worker’s immigration status. This is particularly highlighted during the transition from a UAE visit visa to employment visa. With two key factors in play:

  1. The employer-sponsored visa system: In this system, employers play a critical role in both obtaining and canceling the visa of their foreign employees. This means that the employee’s immigration status is directly linked to their job, and employers can effectively control their worker’s ability to legally leave the country.
  2. Strict labor laws: Under the labor laws of Dubai, employees are required to serve a notice period before terminating their contract, during which time the employer holds the right to retain their employee’s passport. What this implies is the significance of one’s work permit cancellation status UAE employees would face.

Power Dynamics Between Employers and Employees

In certain instances, employers may delay visa cancellation to assert control, as a retaliatory measure, or simply due to administrative incompetence or negligence. Here are some scenarios that could lead to such a situation:

  1. Once the visa is canceled, the worker can legally pursue employment with a competitor. To safeguard business interests, some employers might delay the cancellation process.
  2. In cases of a dispute or disagreement, an aggrieved employer might use the delay as a punitive measure.
  3. Employers may want to retain the worker until they find a suitable replacement, using the visa as leverage.

These complexities together contribute to a convoluted landscape where delayed visa cancellation becomes a major concern for employees.

what if my employer refuses to cancel my visa uae

Consequences of Delayed Visa Cancellation

As a worker, it is crucial to understand the implications of your visa not being canceled in a timely manner. A delayed cancellation could lead to legal complications and may impact your future employment prospects.

Prospective Problems
Overstaying fineDifficulty in immigration clearanceBlacklisting

Legal Implications

Overstaying your visa in Dubai is considered a serious offence and could result in severe penalties. These can be categorized as follows:

  1. Overstay fines: As soon as your visa expires, you are subject to fines for every day you overstay. More so, if you consider the regulations associated with work permit cancellation status UAE workers have to deal with, the situation can become even more complicated.
  2. Jail term: If you accumulate a certain amount of fine and fail to pay it, you may face imprisonment.

Staying with an Expired Visa

If your visa expires and is not renewed or canceled by your employer, you are technically staying in the country illegally. This, in combination with the tense employee-employer relationships and the stringent employment laws, can create a very stressful situation for the overstaying worker. To alleviate the inconvenience, having a good grasp on the Dubai employment visa process is advised.

Impact on Future Employment

With the delay in visa cancellation, your ability to obtain new employment also becomes hindered. It becomes a tough ordeal navigating through the Dubai employment visa process when one’s previous visa status is unclear. Some potential issues include:

  1. Visa change restrictions: Without the cancellation of the previous visa, you may be ineligible to apply for a fresh visa or transition from a UAE visit visa to an employment visa for the new job.
  2. Future employers might view you as a higher risk candidate if there are complications with your visa cancellation, which could impact your job prospects.

Challenges like these emphasize the need for effective strategies to handle delayed visa cancellations.

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Strategies to Deal with Delayed Visa Cancellation

When faced with a situation where your employer is delaying your visa cancellation, it’s essential to take proactive steps to resolve the issue.

Open a Dialog with Your Employer

It’s critical to maintain open and respectful communication with your employer during the visa cancellation process. If delays occur, discussing the issue with your employer or the Human Resources department may help you understand the reasons for the delay and how long you might expect to wait.

Understand Your Rights

As an employee in Dubai, you have certain rights and protections under labor laws. For instance, it is illegal for an employer to withhold an employee’s passport beyond the required period. Do not hesitate to exercise these rights and seek recourse if they are being violated.

Seek Legal Advice

In more severe situations where your employer is unreasonably delaying your visa cancelation, you might need to seek legal advice. Lawyers familiar with Dubai labor law and the nuances of work permit cancellation status UAE guidelines can guide you and help you understand your options.

visa cancellation delay while urgently needed

In a nutshell

In conclusion, while employer delaying visa cancellation in Dubai can be a stressful and challenging scenario to navigate, it’s crucial to remember that there are avenues for recourse. Open communication, understanding labor laws and your rights, and, if necessary, seeking legal advice can greatly help in managing and resolving these issues.


1. What are the necessary steps for visa cancellation in Dubai?

Typically, it necessitates the submission of passport copies, Emirates ID, signed documents by the sponsor, and completion of the cancellation form. Sometimes, additional documents may be required, based on individual cases.

2. How many days does employment visa processing in Dubai usually take?

It typically takes about 5 to 7 working days to get the employment visa stamped in the passport once the work permit application is approved.

3. Can I seek employment with another company if my previous employer has not yet cancelled my visa?

Technically, UAE law prohibits you from starting a new job until your previous employment visa has been cancelled and a new one is issued.

4. What legal routes are available if my employer continues to delay visa cancellation?

If dialogue with your employer doesn’t work, consider approaching the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) or a legal advisor for assistance.

5. Are there penalties for changing from a UAE visit visa to an employment visa?

There are no penalties, but the transition needs to be conducted following the official process, which includes cancellation of the visit visa before the issuance of the employment visa.

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